The Egyptian Screenplay - based on the novel "God's Assassin" by G.S. Naas
This is the story of two brothers, Horus and Seth, both gods of ancient Egypt. Horus is an assassin for the Eternal, Lord of Hosts, killing evil people in the name of justice. Seth is the greatest evil the world has ever known. 3500 years ago, Horus was tasked with killing Seth, but unwilling to kill his brother, he imprisoned him in a tomb to save the world from his tyrannical goals. In the modern day world, Horus wants to save an American boy from an incurable genetic disease, but to succeed he must free his brother in exchange for the cure. Now, as Horus manuevers through time to change the past, Seth, free at last, sets out to destroy everything dear to Horus. Soon, good and evil will clash in the final battle of Armageddon, and this boy will play a vital role in the fate of the world.
Finalist: 2009 AWS Screenplay Competition

Quarter Finalist: 2010 Page Awards International Screenplay Competition

Finalist: 2011 AWS Screenplay Competition