The Duplication Factor Screenplay
The Egyptian Screenplay
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Boston television news writer Alina Carr, her face scarred by a childhood dog attack, gets new beauty when an eccentric vampire turns her into his daughter. Without the scars, she’s confident enough to take a news anchor job in front of the cameras, but when she learns she has an undead brother in Paris who’s violence is attracting vampire hunters, her newfound beautiful existence is destined to be short-lived. She must travel to Paris to stop his evil ways before the vampire hunters exterminate her new family. Her journey brings her face-to-face with her darkest fear of dogs. Along the way, she'll learn a brutal lesson: beauty is fleeting, Undead is forever.



Finalist: Spring 2009 WILDsound Screenwriting Competition

Finalist: 2010 Award Winning Screenplay Competition.

Round Two: 2011 Page Awards International Screenplay Competition

Winner: 2020 First 10 Pages Script Contest