The 13th Power


The 13th Power Journey
The 13th Power War
The Duplication Factor
The Grief Syndrome
The Pearl of Allah
Graves' Justice

TWB Press

118,400 words - 406 pages


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American and European scientists are using bigger and faster particle accelerators to smash atoms into smaller and smaller pieces. They are looking for the Higgs boson, the particle that gives matter mass, the "God Particle."  What if they find it?


Dr. Janis Mackey, a mathematician with money problems and over-ambitious friends, agrees to conduct the 13th Power experiments at Solartech Labs in Simi Valley, California. At stake: the technology for STAR WARS, a particle beam of unimaginable power. His partner, nuclear physicist Ray Crawford, gets him into trouble at every turn, especially when his estranged daughter returns after 19 years abroad. Love, fists, and bullets fly as the CIA infiltrates the project and a competitive lab tries to foil the experiments before they go awry and destroy the world.


The 13th Power is a fast-paced, action-packed sci-fi thriller that will keep you turning pages to the brutal end.










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The 13th Power Quest