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          Welcome to my website.


I live in Lakewood, Colorado, with my wife, Bobette and your Yorkie, Taz.  We enjoy country dancing, long walks, blockbuster movies, reading books, and weekend outings in our motor home. Bobette is a Zumba fitness instructor, as well. She works for a liquor distributor, and I'm retired from the auto repair business after 36 years. I now write full time, and I'm the editor and publisher at TWB Press. Between Bobette and I, we have 5 children and 15 grandkids and a 55 gallon tank full of tropical fish. Guess which of those gives us the least problems.

           I was a board member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and for five years I ran their annual Colorado Gold Writing Contest. I've been with RMFW since 1998, and received their coveted Jasmine award for volunteer service in 2012.

          My publishing accomplishments: "The 13th Power" (2001) Gardenia Press, and a short story "Return Me to Mistwillow" in an anthology titled "Tales from Mistwillow" (2007) RMFW press. New Line Press gave me my first taste of electronic publishing when they offered to publish some of my Justin Graves short stories and my zombie thriller, Z-motors. Essential10 first published my Sci-Fi Thriller, "The Duplication Factor" e-book and has since turned the rights back to me so I could publish it at TWB Press. My ebooks can be purchased from Amazon Kindle, Nook Press, Smashwords, and other online booksellers including TWB Press.  www.twbpress.com 

           Over the past 20 years, I've written eight novels (plus two in the works), one anthology, one non-fiction book, dozens of short stories, and three screenplays, all of which have made the finals in various International screenwriting competitions. Now, TWB Press takes up most of my time, editing and publishing authors from California to Estonia. I find this work to be the most rewarding.

          I invite you to click the links to explore my books, short stories, screenplays, videos and more. Thanks for visiting.